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GraphQL uses a type-safe, graph-based schema which means that clients can query and manipulate specific data items on a single access. Nodes in the graph-based schema represent objects and edges represent relationships. Queries perform graph traversals, which access dictionaries of values in each node. This means clients can use sophisticated queries to get tailored data in a single access.

These simple improvements become performance benefits when used in cloud-native architectures at scale. And although Apache Cassandra is widely known for massive scale, wouldn’t it be great to stop writing CQL?

Astra DB offers a GraphQL API, which allows you to create and modify tables as well as insert, query and change data within the database.

GraphQL Example
REST API Summary


A RESTful interface for Cassandra means that you get all of the benefits of scale with an interface you already know how to use.

Astra DB automatically creates a REST endpoint for every database. Start with your existing schema or even create tables using REST!

REST API Summary
REST API Preview


The Documents API enables Javascript developers to work with JSON through a REST API without sacrificing any of the reliability and scalability of Cassandra.

Document API

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